Photo Gallery

Group Photo from the final FCA meeting of the school year!
Chillin & Grillin balloon pop race!
Chilling & Grilling was a fun day for everyone!!!
Teamwork on Chillin & Grillin Day! Race to the finish line!!!
J.R. Scallion and Matt McNutt shared with students on Ag Day
4th, 5th and 6th graders enjoyed learning about tractors and different crops in the Delta!
Steven Cole on the big green tractor!
Jax Garrison "Cat in the Hat" day
Ellie Redwine, Lilly DeBower, Emma James Holland, Darla Moore "Wacky Wednesday"
Ava Robinson, future construction worker "Oh, the Places You Will Go"
"Oh the Places You Will Go" 4th graders
"Oh the Places You Will Go" 5th graders
Every Friday for Elementary begins with Chapel... and saying the pledge to our Flag!
2021-2022 Varsity Rebels headed to North Half Tournament
Corey Coleman
Junior High Lady Rebels "The Fab Malone"
Holly Clem
2022 Junior High Beauties and Beaus
2021 Most Beautiful, Preslie McCool crowning the 2022 Most Beautiful, Kaithlyn Smither with Most Handsome, Trevor Parks
2022 High School Beauties and Beaus
Mrs. LeeAnn's K3 class with Bro. Robert Haney after Chapel!